Leaving Canada …

 Honestly, I must admit that both of us LOVED Canada !!

bottomline, for us it is kinda the best of both worlds ! american distances, cars, stores, amenities, american life, american sports and more. but also the REAL stuff like the metric system. back to degree celsius, kilometers and liter … but more importantly a different life style. so many active people … and so much smarter and greener. going grocery shopping there, mostly everybody had cloth bags with them to avoid getting plastic bags…. and they recycle. they are watching out for their energy in the cold. parking garages with doors to hold of the cold from outside that automatically open if you get close. just small things like that.

It just gave us the impression that canadians are the smarter “americans” although they probably don´t like to hear that. in regards of being green and so. and please, my american friends and family, don´t be offended. there is something to it … you must admit that. 

and most importantly, the FOOD …. oh my god !!! french influence and cooking there. less grease and fat ! just good and healthy food. and we loved all the bakery items there … and the cheese selections etc. thats the shit we missed the most! (except my occasional schnitzel… ;-) )

we found a restaurant chain in toronto, the Baton Rouge, and had so good food there… and reasonable portions … not like in the US … that we had to find one in Quebec and go there again. soooo delicious.

if Syniverse would have been in Canada, Ansos Dad might have been right in that we might not have come back! Anso even admitted that…

But honestly, coming from europe … Canada is so much closer to what you are used to … but also still different. it would have been the perfect deal for us. 

we really really enjoyed it a lot there. 

and this is just my unqualified personal opinion made on this vacation trip. and there might be things that are worse in canada but I just can´t imagine what… ;-)

we definitely want to go back sometime … in the summer would be cool too. 


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2 Antworten auf Leaving Canada …

  1. Andrew sagt:

    Plenty of cities that have healthy food and green and recycle in the US….Vancover is a city I would like to visit in Canada though :)

    My grandfather is from quebec, they all want to live in the USA…you could ski and dogsled in the USA as well. Honestly u spent more time at the beaches here. i think u prefer the beach to snow and ice :)

    Nobody wants to live in canada, its freezing 10 months a year…Smart??? cmon you met Robert and Michel…enough said. ;)

  2. Andrew sagt:

    BTW I am 99% sure that you would be thrilled to live in Florida and even start your own karate school :)

    The amazing thing is learning different cultures and being open minded…sadly some are so closed…

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